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People rarely seek an attorney when all is going well. Most often it is when your back is up against the wall; maybe the police are trying to lock you up, or the banks are trying to take your home, or the contract has been broken and your business is on the brink. I understand where you are coming from and that is why I like being a lawyer. My aim is to protect your rights, fix your problem, and either maximize your gain or minimize your loss.
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Bankruptcy, Probate, Family, Personal Injury, and Criminal Lawyer in Conroe, Texas

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I have helped many people get a fresh start after facing serious financial problems. If you are behind on house payments, I can help. If your car loan has you upside down (owing more than it is worth), we may be able to use federal bankruptcy laws to actually reduce the amount you owe on your loan.
As a former prosecutor and experienced Conroe criminal lawyer, I know all the ins and outs of the courthouse system and ways to avoid many of the pitfalls in your path. I will act on your behalf, aggressively and competently, to get you the results you need for your future success. I am an attorney in Conroe, and I handle cases all across Texas. 
Bankruptcy law is very powerful federal law that can put you back in control of your financial future, and I am an experienced bankruptcy attorney near Houston. If you are being sued by credit cards, bankruptcy can stop the lawsuit and may wipe out the debt. I have also successfully represented people without having to file bankruptcy. Texas has many laws that can be used to help debtors fight off their creditors. Let me help you turn the tables on the banks and get a fresh start.