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Bankruptcy Law
Get Relief From Creditors Now With Help From a Houston Bankruptcy Attorney who offices across from the Montgomery County courthouse in Conroe.

Bankruptcy is Federal Law That May Help You ...

Stop Harassing Telephone Calls & Collection Letters.
Stop Lawsuits, Wage Garnishments & Bank Attachments.
Stop Evictions, Foreclosures and Repossessions.
Save Your House and Business.
Get Rid of all Dischargeable Debt, such as Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills and Personal Loans.
Get Rid of all Dischargeable IRS and State Taxes.

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Get a Bankruptcy Attorney in Montgomery County

Protect Your Assets

Please don't raid your 401K or IRA to pay creditors without at least calling me first. That hard-earned money you set aside is protected from creditors for a reason – you need it more than the banks ever will! If you do cash it in, you'll likely owe the IRS more than you ever expected for early withdrawal, and too many times I've helped people who thought that draining their retirements would keep them out of bankruptcy, then end up filing anyway. If they had filed first, they could have kept their retirement plans. Explore you options.

If you owe far more on your vehicle than it is worth, federal bankruptcy law may be able to help you reorganize your loan so that you pay back less than you owe on it. 

Personal Attention

I will meet with you personally and provide personal attention to your case. You will not be sent off to an aide who is not allowed by law to give you advice. Call me also if you need a criminal lawyer in Conroe.